Ilona Cohen
Chief Legal and Policy Officer

HackerOne Applauds Senator Warner’s Support for Legal Protection of AI Red Teaming

HackerOne applauds Senator Mark Warner’s support for expanding protections for good-faith AI research under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Section 1201. HackerOne has pointed out that protections for ethical AI hacking are needed to help build trust in AI systems and models. 

In a letter to the U.S. Copyright Office, Warner argues that “This research into bias and other harmful outputs is essential to ensuring public safety and equity while enabling continued innovation, public trust, and adoption of AI. Therefore, it is crucial that we allow researchers to test systems in ways that demonstrate how malfunctions, misuse, and misoperation may lead to an increased risk of physical or psychological harm.”

“HackerOne has encouraged the Copyright Office to expand protection of AI research efforts beyond addressing security to ensure the inclusion of independent testing for bias, discrimination, and other harmful or undesirable outputs in AI systems,” said Ilona Cohen, Chief Legal and Policy Officer, HackerOne. “As society continues to rapidly adopt AI, the Copyright Office should ensure that independent testing of AI systems is not chilled by outdated laws. By doing so, we can help ensure ethical development and responsible deployment of AI.”

Read the full letter from Senator Warner.

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