Underkoffler Joins to Advise on Cloud Security Best Practices

WASHINGTON DC, May 20, 2024 — HackerOne, the leader in human-powered security, announced that Lead Security Technologist Kayla Underkoffler was selected to join the Federal Secure Cloud Advisory Committee (FSCAC). Underkoffler attended her first public FSCAC meeting today, along with 14 other members to help advise on the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and general cloud security best practices for organizations, including federal agencies and cloud service providers. The committee helps ensure effective and ongoing coordination of agencies’ adoption, use, authorization, monitoring, acquisition, and security of cloud computing products and services to help them meet their mission and administrative priorities. 

FSCAC member duties aim to:

  • Provide advice and recommendations to the General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator, the FedRAMP Board, and to agencies on technical, financial, programmatic, and operational matters regarding secure adoption of cloud computing products and services.
  • Examine the operations of FedRAMP and determine ways that authorization processes can continuously be improved.
  • Collect information and feedback on agency compliance with and implementation of FedRAMP requirements.
  • Serve as a forum that facilitates communication and collaboration among the FedRAMP stakeholder community.

Underkoffler served in the Marine Corps before becoming a security engineer and now supports policy and security initiatives at HackerOne that focus on improving the industry, including the Internet Bug Bounty.

“I’m honored to serve as an FSCAC member, representing the viewpoints of a unique business that provides cloud computing products or services,” said Kayla Underkoffler, HackerOne lead security technologist. “As a security practitioner and evangelist, I look forward to influencing how our industry approaches cloud security through my feedback for FedRAMP and other industry best practices.”

HackerOne’s chief legal and policy officer Ilona Cohen said, “Public-private collaboration is essential to build effective industry standards. I applaud the GSA for appointing Kayla to FSCAC; her industry knowledge will lend valuable insight for streamlining FedRAMP processes and improving the cloud security best practices that many organizations rely upon.”

Learn more here about FedRAMP authorization.

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