Speakers from Costa Coffee, DoD, GitHub, Google, Intel, PayPal, Visa and others to Share Insights on Hacker-powered Security

SAN FRANCISCO, August 24, 2021 - HackerOne, the world’s most trusted hacker-powered security platform, today announced the agenda for the fifth edition of its Security@ conference. Security@ is HackerOne’s annual user conference that gathers industry influencers, public and private sector security leaders from some of the most advanced security teams from all over the world. This year’s agenda includes a keynote from hacker and author, Alissa Knight, and panel discussions and talks from Costa Coffee, DoD, GitHub, Google, H&R Block, Intel, PayPal, Visa and over 20 other practitioners. 

This is the second year that Security@ has been 100% virtual. In 2020, over 2000 people tuned in to hear from AWS, Hyatt, Slack and others on how their hacker-powered security programs had supported them through pandemic led digital transformations. “Our prospects and customers expect an event that is fully accessible to all, regardless of location or circumstance,” comments Marten Mickos, CEO of HackerOne. “The digital transformations that have seen remote work become the norm remains a key talking point in this year’s discussions. The speed of transformation and shift to the cloud have opened up greater attack surfaces,which is putting increased pressure on existing security teams. Security@ will give attendees actionable tools and best practices to harness the creativity of hackers to confidently build a secure organization.”

The 2021 Security@ Conference kicks off at 8:30AM on September 21 with a keynote address from hacker, author and speaker, Alissa Knight, who will present her latest research on hacking cars and healthcare APIs. Other highlights include an AMA with some of the world’s best hackers, a presentation on exclusive insights from Intel’s bug bounty program and a panel discussion with Phil Venables, CISO and VP at Google Cloud and Sri Shivinanda, CTO at PayPal about their hacker-powered journeys. There will also be dedicated product sessions that will provide insight on how HackerOne supports cloud migrations, how you can use data to strengthen your security response program and using integrations to add value to existing systems. 

Speaking about her keynote, Alissa Knight says “I joined Security@ this year to help demonstrate what ethical hackers can do by identifying vulnerabilities that, in the wrong hands, could have a significant impact on organizations and their shareholder and customer trust. I’m going to show how I discovered thousands of PHI records, conducted unauthorized financial transactions, and gained remote control of federal and state law enforcement vehicles through unsecured APIs.” 

The 2021 edition of Security@ will be the first to feature a training day on 20th September, offering sessions on how to engage stakeholders and how to attract hackers to your program. Sponsoring the conference are AWS, HackEDU, GitLab and SecurityScorecard,  Also, H@cktivityCon, HackerOne’s virtual conference aimed at educating ethical hackers, will be held virtually on September 18, making for a half-week dedicated to all parts of the hacker-powered security ecosystem. 

View the full agenda here: