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Challenge Your Pentest Program

Combine coverage-based pentesting with an outcome-based HackerOne Challenge to find elusive vulnerabilities that even great pentests miss.

HackerOne Pentest +
HackerOne Challenge

HackerOne pentesters find high/critical vulnerabilities in ~20% of engagements. Challenges take that even further.

  • Use HackerOne’s Pentest as a Service to satisfy vendor and compliance requirements and receive test results in real time for efficient remediation.
  • Launch a time-bound HackerOne Challenge to validate your pentest efficacy with a separate group of researchers who will hunt for the most elusive vulnerabilities to secure your new and changing applications.
  • Feed the combined results into a final pentest for vulnerability reporting that goes above and beyond the status quo.
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Make the most of your budget with bundle pricing

Combining HackerOne Challenge + Pentest gets you a unified platform and a streamlined reporting structure—plus savings of 30–50%.