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HackerOne Clear - Application

HackerOne Clear is a program for hackers who have undergone advanced vetting and have exemplary performance, both on HackerOne's platform and off.

As a HackerOne Clear hacker, you'll be eligible to receive:

  • Exclusive early access to unique targets and fun engagements
  • Collaborate and build relationships with other top hackers
  • Earn top cash rewards
  • Access to HackerOne team and customers through chat tool
  • Priority support ticket coverage
  • Qualify to be in live hacking event invite potential pool
  • Additional milestone rewards and benefits (tool discounts, swag, profile enhancements, and more!)

An Existing Member of the HackerOne Community??
Please complete the below information to apply for Clear. To be eligible to apply for HackerOne Clear, you must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Researchers  must pass a bi-annual background check and ID Verification, through two separate third party vendors. The details of each are outlined below. 
  • Researchers must meet a minimum signal of 3.0 combined with any combination of 3 of the following criteria: 
    • MIN IMPACT: 15 
    • MIN BOUNTY: $3,000 in the last 180 days 
    • MIN BOUNTY: $15K Lifetime 
    • MIN SEVERITY 10+ High/Critical Lifetime
  • Exemplary Platform Performance and Professionalism

These individualized thresholds are structured to reward both recent activity and lifetime platform achievements. 

Not on the HackerOne Platform?

That's okay! We are looking for hackers that have medium to expert proficiency with the following:

  • Experience as a pentester
  • Embedded Hardware, Automotive, or IoT hacking experience
  • An active government clearance
  • Testing cloud configurations (GCP, AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Hacking Desktop Applications
  • Mobile

Once you have completed the application, a member of HackerOne's team will reach out to you directly with a response and next steps, if applicable. 

Note: An additional skillset survey might be sent to follow your application

Email with any questions!