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Who are these hackers that are reporting vulnerabilities to companies? Many are security professionals who dedicate their free time hunting security flaws in companies. Download The Hacker Survey Report for the best insights.

Hacker Interview

Frans Rosen is one of the top hackers on HackerOne. Frans has found over 450 (and counting) security vulnerabilities for HackerOne customers. “HackerOne for me has always been a platform that enables companies to interact with hackers.” Get to know Frans by watching our interview with him at our 2017 live-hacking event in Las Vegas.


Who are the top hackers all-time and in the current quarter? We track reputation, signal, and impact scores for all hackers on the HackerOne platform. The leaderboard is a wonderful overview of the diversity and talent of the hackers.

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Live-Hacking Events

The HackerOne community “is a very open, sharing, caring community” says Olivier Beg (aka @smiegles). Bringing the security teams of our customers into the same room as elite ethical hackers is an amazing experience. Watch hackers and security teams working together at our second annual flagship live-hacking event held during DEF CON in Las Vegas.

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