Financial Services Edition: 7th annual Hacker-Powered Security Report

New data on hacker contributions to FSI security

53% of ethical hackers focus on the financial sector.

How do they help financial services organizations proactively identify and secure vulnerabilities? The new Hacker-Powered Security Report: Financial Services Edition answers that question and many more. 

A deeper report than ever before

This edition goes deeper than ever before, with insights from HackerOne customers and some of the world's top hackers. We also take a more comprehensive look at the top vulnerabilities for financial services identified through real-life findings in the HackerOne platform, and how your industry is performing when it comes to incentivizing hackers to find the most important vulnerabilities.

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Download the financial services edition of our annual report to learn:

  • Why financial services organizations are receiving far more reports for improper access control than the industry average
  • How financial services companies compare against the top ten vulnerability stats platform-wide
  • How to ensure compliance with industry standards via pentests
  • How to save an average of $18,037 on your organization’s bug bounty program
  • How to measure the ROI of your security program