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Upcoming Events

December Pentest Demo

HackerOne Pentest Demo

Join our 45-minute demo of HackerOne Pentest and understand how you can gain better coverage, instant results, and seamless remediation workflows all in one platform. Our product experts will showcase key HackerOne Pentest features and answer your questions live.

Past Events

Paris Banner
Paris, France

Breakfast Meetup in Paris - 2019

With data breaches reported in the news regularly, data is now more valuable than oil in today’s global economy. Continuous and proactive information security from design to development, auditing and incident response, is the new best practice.
September 20 - 21, 2019
Live Hacking
Vancouver, BC

H1-604 Vancouver 2019

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Fireside Chat

Roundtable: Security Leader Coffee Chat

2020 is a challenging year for security teams. We wanted to host a time for security leaders to come together and discuss ideas that are most impactful for your business. So grab your coffee and ask a question to Alex Rice, the CTO of HackerOne and former product security leader at Facebook and see you there!
June 6 - 8, 2019
Live Hacking
London, UK

H1-4420 London 2019

Join us for our live hacking event in London on Friday, June 7th where we fly in researchers from all over the world to hack together.
June 15 - 16, 2018
Live Hacking
London, UK

H1-4420 London 2018

On Saturday, June 16, almost 50 hackers gathered from across the world to hack one of the most popular and mature bug bounty programs on the planet at HackerOne’s first live-hacking event in London, H1-4420.