Truth Behind the Hack: Elite Pentesters Tell All in a Live Q&A

December 7th, 12pm ET | 5pm GMT


Gain invaluable insights on quality-driven pentesting from our virtual "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session, tailored for security leaders skeptical about the impact and results of community-driven pentesting. You'll have direct access to the representatives from the elite top 10% of pentesters from HackerOne's 2 million-strong ethical hacking community, selected for their proven skills in rigorous testing environments. Address your doubts in this hour-long interactive panel, dissecting everything from web app vulnerabilities to compliance intricacies, all through the lens of methodical, results-oriented pentesting.

Who Should Join

This session is essential for security decision-makers who are weighing the benefits of community-driven pentesting against traditional models. If you're seeking to understand how collaborative security efforts can align with and enhance your business's security posture, this AMA will provide the clarity and reassurance needed to make informed decisions about your security strategy.

Join us to see how structured, community-driven pentesting can yield quality outcomes and provide ongoing security assurance!

What we’ll cover:

  • Challenges and methodologies for identifying and mitigating high-impact vulnerabilities in complex systems.
  • Advanced threat hunting techniques and offensive security lessons.
  • Live, community-driven questions informed by social media and digital channel input.
  • Bridging regulatory compliance with agile pentesting for holistic security.
  • Emerging trends in pentesting and application security insights.

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Peter M.

Peter M. (pmnh) is a full-time ethical hacker/pentester with over three years of experience in the security field and more than 20 years as a lead developer/architect in software and engineering leadership roles. His strong background in development drives him to focus on complex and high/critical impact vulnerabilities, source code audits, and reverse engineering. At HackerOne, Peter has conducted numerous successful penetration tests and source code reviews, consistently identifying high/critical vulnerabilities in flagship programs. His tenure at Synack stands out, where he was ranked as the #1 security researcher globally from 2022-2023. He has also authored/co-authored three books on Java application security, has been issued several CVEs, and was accepted to present a briefing on Java JDBC security at BlackHat Asia 2023.


Pranit G.

Pranit Garud (rootsploit) is an experienced Security Engineer and Bug Bounty Hunter with over 7 years of dedicated experience in various domains of Offensive Security, including Pentesting, Red Teaming, Application Security, Vulnerability Research, and Attack Surface Management. 

Currently, Pranit serves as a full-time Security Engineer, leveraging his expertise to fortify organizations against evolving threats. In his free time, he enthusiastically contributes to Bug Bounty programs and conducts independent Security Research. With a proven track record, Pranit has collaborated with industry-leading organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, significantly enhancing the security posture of these enterprises.


Erfan F.

Erfan (mico02) is a seasoned Security Consultant with an extensive track record in partnering with organizations across finance, healthcare, transportation, and technology sectors in the United States and the United Kingdom. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of security assessments, including web, mobile, infrastructure, as well as hardware and software systems. Outside of his professional sphere, Erfan is an avid bug hunter, enhancing his pentesting skills through this rigorous practice. He also enjoys horse riding and boxing, pursuits that reflect his dynamic and disciplined approach to both his personal and professional life.

Juan L.

Juan has been in the infosec industry for over ten years while holding various positions. He started off in the industry as a tester and over time moved over to customer support. After a few years of customer support, Juan made his move to Project Management becoming a Technical Project Manager before arriving at HackerOne where he is a Technical Engagement Manager.

When not working, Juan enjoys playing video games, checking out the local craft beer scene, and enjoying live music.