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5 Questions with SIX Group

We asked SIX Group’s security leader 5 questions about working with ethical hackers. Hear why Alex says it’s a “core part of our information security strategy.”

Featuring Alex Hagenah, Head Cyber Controls, SIX Group

How offensive security reduces threat exposure

Learn how engaging with ethical hackers to perform preemptive testing of your attack surface directly reduces your threat exposure and accelerates remediation.

Featuring Laurie Mercer, Security Architect, HackerOne

Three stages of continuous vulnerability discovery

Explore the three key pillars of our Attack Resistance Platform that help you pinpoint the most critical flaws in your asset inventory, prioritise what to fix first, and reduce your threat exposure.


Insider tips for a productive bug bounty program

Learn best practices for running a successful bug bounty programme—from preparing your organisation internally, engaging with the hacking community, and implementing learnings, to maintaining programme engagement.


Hacker panel: What hackers can tell you about AI security

Delve into the minds of 3 leading hackers to learn what truly drives these creative powerhouses—and exactly what you can do to attract them to your cybersecurity program.

Hackers’ Answers to 4 Big Questions

We asked Herman Satkauskas, Katie Paxton-Fear, and Jonathan Bouman the same 4 questions to get their unique perspectives: 

  1. What are organizations’ biggest security challenges?
  2. Why is public disclosure important?
  3. What makes a good bug bounty program?
  4. How do you see bug bounty evolving over the next 5 years?