Gartner Security & Risk Summit EMEA

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September 26–28

London ExCel

Stop by HackerOne’s booth for a “choose your own adventure” platform walkthrough

Cybersecurity has moved from defensive to anticipatory. Meet with HackerOne at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit to get a personalized walkthrough of our preemptive approach to security, designed to outsmart cybercriminals with expertise from a legion of ethical hackers who work for you.

Dive into a hands-on experience that dynamically responds to your input. You’ll get a feel for innovative solutions to identify critical vulnerabilities and maximize your security budget with our attack resistance platform—featuring vulnerability disclosure programs, pentesting, bug bounty, attack surface management, and more.


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Laurie Mercer, HackerOne

How Adversarial Testing Reduces Threat Exposure

Theater 1 Exhibit Showcase
13:05 on September 27

Laurie Mercer, Director, Sales Engineering, HackerOne

Are you looking for an ingenious approach to outmatching cybercriminals? Catch this 20-minute talk to learn how adversarial testing of your attack surface directly reduces your threat exposure and accelerates remediation. Plus, hear about real-world vulnerabilities that HackerOne’s ethical hackers discovered for our customers—before cybercriminals could exploit them.


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Find your unknown risks

HackerOne can increase enterprise attack surface visibility by more than 2x.

Prioritize the most urgent threats

Rank your risks to focus scarce security resources on fixing high-value flaws.

Keep pace with your growing attack surface

1M+ skills-vetted ethical hackers provide you with continuous, proactive testing.