On-Demand Webinar

Frontline Tips for Managing a High-Performing Bug Bounty Program

A well-designed and purposefully run bug bounty program can have a tremendous impact on your organization's attack resistance. A few fundamental steps will help you hit the ground running, so you can successfully launch and maintain a high-performing bounty program.

In this webinar, HackerOne’s field experts will walk you through what you need to know, drawing on their firsthand experience planning bug bounty programs for organizations ranging from federal governments to SMBs and global enterprises. You’ll learn how they set up customers for success and how mature programs operate to derive maximum value.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Pre-launch steps for an effective public or private bug bounty program
  • Day-to-day operational practices to ensure consistent results and maximum ROI
  • Real-world examples of how bug bounty programs drive hacker engagement and track results 
  • How HackerOne Bounty can help reduce recurring vulnerabilities by up to 98% and enable organizations to release secure products faster 

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Will Kapcio

Senior Solutions Engineer
Since 2018, Will’s primary focus has been on empowering enterprise organizations and government agencies to run successful bug bounty, disclosure, and pentest programs to help inventory, manage, and secure their attack surface. Prior to joining HackerOne, he was a cybersecurity consultant at EY. Will holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree in cybersecurity from Villanova University, as well as the CISSP and OSCP certifications.

Dane Sherrats

Sr. Solutions Architect, HackerOne
Dane is an experienced solutions architect who helps large enterprises successfully leverage bug bounty programs and ethical hacking services to minimize growing cyber risks. In his free time, Dane enjoys bug bounty hunting and tinkering with EVM-based smart contracts.

Prior to joining HackerOne, Dane worked as a Technical Specialist at NowSecure and Quorum. Seeking to keep his coding skills sharp, Dane learned about smart contracts and quickly became fascinated with following security developments within the blockchain space. Web3 is an emerging technology, and like many emerging technologies before, its security is often an afterthought. Dane is one of a small but growing number of security professionals passionate about improving security to help the technology gain wider adoption.