Neon Noir:

The HackerOne Party
@ Black Hat

Eyecandy Bar & Lounge
Mandalay Bay
8-11 p.m. on Tuesday, August 8

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Wear your favorite neon attire for HackerOne's Neon Noir party on the Tuesday night before Black Hat. Eat, drink, and bask in the neon glow with your cybersecurity peers and expert hackers —Tuesday, August 8, at Eyecandy at Mandalay Bay.

Whether you want to dance to our hacker DJ’s mix, show off your Day-Glo attire, or swap strategies for innovating threat hunting, Neon Noir is the place to be.

What: HackerOne's opening-night party—Neon Noir
Where: Eyecandy Bar & Lounge, Mandalay Bay
When: Tuesday, August 8, 8–11 p.m.

Registration has closed.

Thanks to an overwhelming response, the HackerOne Neon Noir party at Black Hat is now at full capacity and registration has closed. (Who are we to question the fire marshal?)

We’re excited to light up the night with those who snagged a spot.