Join HackerOne @ Black Hat

August 8-10, 2023
Booth 2640

AI + humans

Outsmart cybercriminals. Increase attack resistance.

Meet with our experts to discuss strategies for finding and prioritizing critical risks that scanners, automation, and AI often miss.

Bonus: Scheduling a meeting gets you access to the Luxe Box at our party Tuesday night

Go hands-on with our Attack Resistance Platform

Stop by booth 2640 for a "choose your own adventure"-style demo. See how to:

  • Minimize your risk
  • Reduce false positives
  • Focus scarce resources on fixing critical flaws

In-booth sessions

  • The Unconventional Journey: How Ethical Hackers Excel as CISOs >> 10:30 Wednesday & Thursday

  • You’re Doing Pentesting Wrong: Do it Right with Ethical Hackers >> 11:30 Wednesday & Thursday

  • How Zebra Technologies Partners with Ethical Hackers to Secure Business Transformation >> 2:00 Wednesday

  • Exploring the Impact of Generative AI on Cybersecurity: Insights from a Top Hacker >> 2:00 Thursday

Neon Noir: The HackerOne Party

Kick off Black Hat in style at HackerOne’s party at Eyecandy—Tuesday, August 8, from 8–11 p.m. The drinks will flow, the neon will be bright, and our hacker DJ will keep things lively. RSVP here.

Sticking around for DEF CON 31? We’ll be there, too!

HackerOne is thrilled to partner with Meta to sponsor Red Team Village at the Flamingo’s Twilight Ballroom. Don’t miss our VR Hacking Workshop!

And while you're roaming the DEF CON grounds, keep an eye out for our community team and brand ambassadors. They'll be handing out the coolest challenge coins and stickers.


See What's New in the #1 Attack Resistance Platform

Find your unknown risks

HackerOne can increase enterprise attack surface visibility by more than 2x.

Prioritize the most urgent threats

Rank your risks to focus scarce security resources on fixing high-value flaws.

Keep pace with your growing attack surface

1M+ skills-vetted ethical hackers provide you with continuous, proactive testing.