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Hack the US Air Force

Hackers, do you have what it takes to hack the U.S. Air Force? Register now to participate in the Department of Defense's largest bug bounty challenge to date. Beyond U.S. citizens and military personnel, hackers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom are also encouraged to participate.

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The latest DoD bug bounty challenge will officially kick off on May 30th and ends on June 23rd. The Air Force will award bounties and select hackers will have a chance to earn thousands of dollars in cash for improving the security of the Air Forces’ public facing website.

The Hack the Air Force Challenge was announced last month by Air Force Chief Information Security Officer, Peter Kim, and Chris Lynch, Director of Defense Digital Services at HackerOne headquarters. 

“This is the first time the AF has opened up our networks to such a broad scrutiny,” said Peter Kim, the Air Force Chief Information Security Officer. “We have malicious hackers trying to get into our systems every day. It will be nice to have friendly hackers taking a shot and, most importantly, showing us how to improve our cybersecurity and defense posture. The additional participation from our partner nations greatly widens the variety of experience available to find additional unique vulnerabilities.” 

Hack the Air Force follows the successful Hack the Pentagon and Hack the Army bug bounty challenges. By inviting the hacker community to find unknown security vulnerabilities, the Air Force is supplementing the great work their talented cybersecurity team is doing already to secure key public websites.

The scope for Hack the Air Force, including websites and databases, will be shared with registered and invited hackers on May 30th. All active military members and government civilians can participate with supervisor approval but are not eligible for compensation
Check out the full eligibility rules and register now at:



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