Meet Six Hackers Making Seven Figures

The 6 1-Million-Dollar Hackers Stand Together

The entire HackerOne team is beyond excited that the ranks of seven-figure-earning hackers have now risen to six.

In March, 19-year-old Argentinian Santiago Lopez, who goes by @try_to_hack, was first to cross the $1 million bounty threshold

Now—a mere five months later—five more hackers hailing from Asia, Australia, North America, and Europe, have each earned over $1 million in bounties. Put another way, to find a continent without a HackerOne millionaire, you’d need to set off for either Africa or Antarctica.  

The latest hackers to bank $1 million in bounties are Mark Litchfield (@mlitchfield) from the U.K., Frans Rosen (@fransrosen) from Sweden, Nathaniel Wakelam (@nnwakelam) from Australia, Ron Chan (@ngalog) from Hong Kong, and Tommy DeVoss (@dawgyg) from the U.S. 

So, Who Are the Seven-Figure Six?

Name: Santiago Lopez | Alias: @try_to_hack | Nationality: Argentinian


“I am incredibly proud to see that my work is recognized and valued. Not because of the money, but because this achievement represents the information of companies and people being more secure than they were before, and that is incredible.”

Name: Mark Litchfield | Alias: @mlitchfield | Nationality: British

Mark Litchfield

"Hacking can open doors to anyone with a laptop and curiosity about how to break things. I hope our achievements will encourage other hackers young and old to test their skills, become part of our supportive community, rake in some extra $$$'s along the way and make the internet a much safer place for people.”

Name: Frans Rosen | Alias: @fransrosen | Nationality: Swedish


Frans Rosén is a tech entrepreneur, bug bounty hunter and a Knowledge Advisor at Detectify, a security service for developers. He's a frequent blogger at Detectify Labs and a top ranked participant of bug bounty programs on HackerOne. Frans was featured as #2 on Hackread's list of 10 Famous Bug Bounty Hunters of All Time and the results of his security research has been covered in numerous international publications such as Observer, BBC, Ars Technica and SC Magazine.

Name: Nathaniel Wakelam A.K.A “Naffy” | Alias: @nnwakelman | Nationality: Australian


"Bug bounties have given me opportunities I never could have predicted going into it. When I first started, the industry was in its infancy. Only a handful of companies invited hackers to find and share vulnerabilities. Six years later - the space has changed dramatically. Bug bounties have given me the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, forge connections with people within industry that I respect, created a secondary income stream within my own life, and allowed me the opportunity to branch out and pursue other business ventures. I'm grateful to be one of the first people to make it to this milestone alongside my peers and I urge anyone who is interested in pursuing this to recognize that the first step is starting - the opportunities are there if you want to take them."

Name: Ron Chan | Alias: @ngalog | Nationality: Hong Kong


“When I first started hacking, I did not expect to ever make it on the leaderboard. I saw names like ‘Frans’ and ‘Mark’ shining on top of the leaderboard week after week, never thinking I’d be able to meet them or work with them, let alone compete with them, which is awesome. It was a great moment to hit that $1 million dollar milestone and be in such great company with the five others."

Name: Tommy DeVoss | Alias: @dawgyg | Nationality: American


"I joined the wrong chat room when I was around 10 years old. When I discovered bug bounty programs about 20 years later, I was finally able to use my curiosity for breaking things and standing up for what I believe in the name of defending organizations I believe in. Hitting that $1 million dollar milestone is a huge accomplishment and it feels amazing to know that the other five hackers and I have had such a huge impact. I hope our achievements will encourage other hackers to test their skills, become part of our supportive community and make the internet a much safer place.”

On behalf of a safer internet, HackerOne wishes to thank and congratulate all these talented and dedicated hackers! 

Your earnings are most deserved. As many of you so aptly expressed, the bounties you have earned represent the enormous impact you have made to keep companies that operate on the internet, and their users, safe. Your achievements also serve to motivate and inspire the 450,000+ HackerOne community to dream big, keep hacking and hit harder together.  

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