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Hack your way to NYC this December for h1-212

Hack your way to NYC this December for h1-212

Want to win an all expenses paid trip to New York City to hack against HackerOne 1337 and a chance to earn up to $100,000 in bounties?

The h1-212 CTF is here!

On December 9th, 2017, h1-212 will be happening in New York City.

HackerOne elite will be competing live and in person against one another to find bugs in a premier HackerOne customer’s software with over $100,000 in bounties up for grabs.

The event will be hosted at a top secret location in New York and you’ll have the opportunity to meet other elite hackers and HackerOne staff.  

We are opening up the event to any hacker around the world who wants to attend.  All you need to do is solve our CTF and write up a great report. 

Winners will earn round trip airfare, three nights at a hotel, and access to h1-212. 

Details of the CTF are below.  

Should you have any questions, email us at

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h1-702 2017

The h1-212 CTF

An engineer of launched a new server for a new admin panel at He is completely confident that the server can’t be hacked. He added a tripwire that notifies him when the flag file is read. He also noticed that the default Apache page is still there, but according to him that’s intentional and doesn’t hurt anyone. Your goal? Read the flag!


  • The CTF opens on Monday, November 13th
  • The CTF will be closed on Sunday, November 19th (midnight PDT).
  • Winners will be chosen by Monday, November 20th
  • CTF winners will be notified by and announced on Tuesday, November 21st
  • Submissions can be sent to

How we will select the winners:

  • You must find the flag
  • You must write a great report on how you went about finding the flag
  • Quality of your write up is the most important factor in winning this CTF


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