Free Burp Suite Professional License For Hackers

Free Burp Suite Professional License

Did you know we’ve teamed up with our friends at PortSwigger to offer free 90-day licenses for Burp Suite Professional?

Burp Suite and Hackerone


Burp Suite is the premier offensive hacking solution, and  when new hackers reach at least a 500 reputation on HackerOne and have a positive signal, they are eligible for 3-months free of Burp Suite Professional.


With Burp Suite, you can scan for vulnerabilities, intercept browser traffic, automate custom attacks, and more. 

It’s clear that hackers love Burp and HackerOne:

“Burp Suite is pretty much all I use.” - Mark Litchfield 

“It’s the best tool out there, simply put. I use it all the time.” - Arne Swinnen 

“To be effective as a bug hunter, you need the right tools to optimize and backup your vulnerability research. Using Burp Suite means contributing to a quality approach, from research to reporting of your finds on HackerOne.” - Baptiste Moine

“I have reported many vulnerabilities on HackerOne, most of them were found with the help of Burp Suite.” - Shawar Khan

“Burp Suite has helped me to find many bugs. The Proxy and Repeater are key features and I really like the new Collaborator Client the DNS resolution is awesome! Definitely, an important tool when doing Bug bounty programs at HackerOne platform.” - Francisco Correa

You can check out all the details including an FAQ.    

Happy hacking!



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