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Improve Credential Sharing with Hacker Email Aliases

Improve Credential Sharing with Hacker Email Aliases

Starting today, all existing and new hackers get a personalized email alias tied to their account, in the form of username[at]wearehackerone[dot]com. Any emails sent to this will be forwarded to their email address that is registered with HackerOne.

This has been a popular feature request amongst programs on HackerOne to facilitate a variety of processes like emailing hackers, credential sharing, etc.

Shopify was one of our beta customers during the development of this feature. Previously, they required hackers to sign up with johndoe+hackerone[at]gmail[dot]com, so they could recognize who’s signing up as a hacker. Now with the new Hacker Email Aliases, this gets much simpler, as Shopify can simply ask hackers to sign up with your email alias. The benefit for Shopify is that they can easily enable new features and product by whitelisting a domain instead of relying on hackers to use a +hackerone in their email address. This is less error-prone and easier to maintain.

Shopify using Hacker Email Aliases to create accounts for hackers

Hackers can also have multiple aliases for their account. For details on this feature and more, check out our documentation site for hacker email alias - hacker resource and hacker email alias - program resource.

This feature was brought to you by Siebe Jan, Saida, and Hardik.