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Nine Months into the DIB-VDP Pilot, Nearly 1,000 Valid Vulnerabilities Have Been Identified


With three months left in the 12-month pilot with the Department of Defense’s Defense Industrial Base Vulnerability Disclosure Pilot (DOD DIB-VDP Pilot), HackerOne sat down with DC3 to discuss why new DIB companies are joining the pilot and hear why hackers are a critical partner for the DOD.

Maintaining the security of the digital assets within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractor networks helps defend the United States of America. For the last nine months, Department of Defense (DOD) agencies Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3) and Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) have worked together with ethical hackers from around the world to improve the security of critical assets within DIB vendors and contractors.

With 39 DIB companies signed up in the first nine months (and more signing up in the final three-month stretch of the pilot), ethical hackers have a chance to test their skills on various government agencies’ cybersecurity strategies.  “Hackers consistently bring new levels of creativity to potential threats to our DIB companies’ attack surface. Every vulnerability uncovered is another step towards safeguarding our government and teaches us critical new ways to improve our cybersecurity,” says Melissa Vice, VDP Interim Director, DC3.

For the DIB companies, the pilot offers a chance to harden their attack surface and be proactive in their security strategy. 

With only three months left in the pilot, DC3 shared why new DIB companies are joining the pilot and hear why hackers are a critical partner for the DOD. 

DIB VDP: Hacker Info

Participant Info

Defense Industrial Base companies: There are three months left to sign up for this added layer of defense. Don’t miss out on working with the best ethical hackers the world has to offer. 

Hackers: Bring your expertise to the US Government and the DIB-VDP Pilot to help ensure we’re guarding the most valued network information to the best of our ability. Join the DIB-VDP Pilot.

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