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Meet the Talent Strategy Team

talent strategy team at empower

While Learning and Development and HR Business Partnerships often exist separately at other organizations, HackerOne saw an opportunity to combine those functions into the Talent Strategy Team.

Our understanding of leadership and employee needs and the ability to build learning and development content made it easier for us to make development recommendations in a fast-paced global organization.

We removed the “middle man” in the planning and execution processes and now serve as instrumental partners with senior leaders to align business and people strategies across all teams. The Talent Strategy Partners are proactive advisors, and by having firsthand knowledge and regular touchpoints with employees and leaders, we can build better systems and deliver more valuable content that directly supports the employees.

How we built the team

It was vital for me to have a team with varied skill sets that included building and delivering training and development content to all levels of an organization and addressing a wide range of employee relations topics, like performance management, headcount planning, and coaching.

As a leader, I had to be honest about my shortcomings to build a team that filled the knowledge gaps - hiring people with different skill sets builds a stronger, more competent function. It’s humbling to understand that we are not great at everything, and more than once during the interview process, I thought, “Maybe they should fire me and just have this person build this team!” Today, my team has proven to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Meet Alice Segarty!

Alice Segarty started at HackerOne in a People Operations role. She has a talent for working directly with leaders and employees to answer difficult questions and resolve complex issues, and wanted a new role where she could support employees differently. Located in EMEA, Alice is always eager to learn and can jump into an investigation, present employee training, or build a new policy with equal enthusiasm.

Meet Reggie Swick!

Reggie Swick came to HackerOne with a Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) background. He has expertise in employee relations, talent and performance management, and leveraging people analytics throughout the employee lifecycle. Reggie ensures that we follow best practices, reward excellent performance, and build useful tools for employees. He delivers engaging content on topics like employee recognition and appreciation and creating role clarity.  

Meet Molly Flax!

Molly Flax is an organizational development and leadership coaching expert. Having built leadership training programs for multiple businesses and industries, Molly brings warmth and support to her partnerships with a solid future focus, creating a safe and supportive coaching environment for leaders to learn and grow. Molly built an internal leadership development program for HackerOne’s people managers and is working to roll out the Working Genius assessment to every employee at HackerOne.

A little about me!

I have the most non-traditional background on the team – I spent the first decade of my career as a psychotherapist. Luckily, I found my passion for helping people work through challenges translated from a clinical setting to a business environment. The skills I learned as a therapist make me an empathetic and supportive leader. I love the opportunities to coach leaders and train employees at every level on skills like giving and receiving feedback and reducing burnout.


This team teaches me something every day - whether it’s a global employer relations nuance or a better way to organize a team meeting, it’s a privilege and a joy to work with a team that brings so much of themselves to the work and constantly looks for ways to support each other and elevate the work we do.

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