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HackerOne Company Values Matter: Lead with Integrity

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HackerOne’s company values serve as our compass: Default to Disclosure, Respect all People, Win as a Team, Execute with Excellence, and Lead with Integrity. They represent the collective ethos of the organization and reflect our beliefs, priorities, and aspirations.

Each year, HackerOne employees nominate peers to receive the covetable Values Awards. Five Hackeronies are recognized for their unique contribution to our company's success, and their dedication to our values continues to help HackerOne be an incredible place to work.

Since its inception in 2022, the Values Awards have recognized three Lead with Integrity winners. We asked them why this award is important and how they hold themselves accountable for inspiring and motivating others to live our values.

Meet Crystal Hazen: 2022 Lead with Integrity Value Award Winner

Crystal Hazen understands the importance of integrity in the work of security professionals. She knows that integrity means demonstrating honesty, transparency, and problem-solving in her work. For over eight years, Crystal knows that integrity in her role means prioritizing openness and honesty.

“Integrity guides my approach to problem-solving. Rather than assuming that issues are someone else's responsibility, I take proactive steps to either address problems myself or empower others with the resources and support they need to resolve issues efficiently and effectively.”

As a Principal Customer Success Manager, Crystal empowers customers to make informed decisions. “I am fortunate to be in a role where I know my work positively impacts the world,” she said. “Part of my role is to help security teams cultivate a collaborative partnership with ethical hackers so vulnerabilities can be identified quickly before being exploited.”

Reflecting on the larger impact of HackerOne’s mission and her personal purpose to help people makes it easy to stay motivated and inspired. “I often hear stories about how hackers spend their bounty earnings to pay for their child’s education or a home for their parents,” she said. Knowing that we provide opportunities for ethical hackers to contribute positively to cybersecurity, we're not just protecting systems but fostering a community dedicated to making the internet safer for everyone.

Meet Debbie Cotton: 2023 Lead with Integrity Value Award Winner

When Debbie Cotton joined HackerOne in 2020, she quickly learned that the company values were an important part of the culture. Working with cross-functional teams, she prides herself on being dependable and fulfilling commitments and obligations at HackerOne. She knows the team trusts her to be transparent in communication, project management, and feedback.

“For me, integrity means being trustworthy, adhering to ethical principles, and upholding moral and ethical standards when faced with challenges to compromise,” said Debbie. “I understand that I am contributing to something bigger than myself, and to make my team and HackerOne successful, I need to lead with integrity in everything I do.”

As the internal communication and culture lead at HackerOne, Debbie is committed to fostering a positive workplace culture and treating other Hackeronies equitably and with respect. She acts according to her beliefs and values, which align closely with the HackerOne Lead with Integrity value.

“Knowing that I lead with integrity in my work motivates me every day,” she said. “It cultivates a culture of professionalism and respect, making it clear that I will always do the right thing for the business and its people.”

Meet Arkadiusz Ostrycharz: 2024 Lead with Integrity Value Award Winner

As a Director on the engineering team at HackerOne, Arkadiusz Ostrycharz believes in being genuine, fair, and honest in all his actions. As a people manager, he understands the importance of leading with integrity, transparency, and keeping his word to ensure the well-being of his team.

“I would argue that no other value is more important for a successful company than the integrity of its people,” said Arkadiusz. “Doing the right thing when no one is watching makes a difference in the workplace. It's not about big speeches or titles; it's about getting stuff done together.”

As a manager, his integrity helps him drive difficult conversations and maintain high work standards. “It's about keeping it real, owning up to mistakes, and treating others with respect,” he said. “Things like trust or accountability are not just buzzwords to me; they're the backbone of my personal code of conduct.”

Like many Hackeronies, the HackerOne mission drives Arkadiusz; the idea of making the internet a safer place is a definite motivator! But he stays for the people. Supporting his team, helping others to grow and succeed, and learning from seasoned leaders are extremely rewarding.

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