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Say Yes To Cyber Help

Say Yes To Cyber Help

In 2016, the DoD said Yes to cyber help by launching the Hack the Pentagon program. It took 13 minutes for them to receive their first critical vulnerability report from a hacker. In the following two years, hackers detected over 5,000 security vulnerabilities that otherwise could have been exploited by adversaries. Seeing the enormous positive power of hackers, the U.S. Federal Government is now rolling out bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs broadly. Hack the DHS and Hack Your State Department are two recent bills approved by the House of Representatives.

The smartest thing you can do is say Yes to help from hackers. A quarter of a million of them have signed up with HackerOne to help you find your system weaknesses so that they can be fixed. Soon we will have more than a million hackers in our community. Within this broad community, we have handpicked and background-checked a group of elite hackers to serve the most demanding and sensitive programs run by our customers. In total, we have helped our customers find and fix over 80,000 security vulnerabilities - each one of them thereby taken off the market for exploits and criminal attacks. There is no cybersecurity force as powerful as 250,000 ethical hackers working together to improve your systems.

We are seeing tremendous growth at HackerOne. Bug bounty programs, vulnerability disclosure policies, and crowdsourced pentests are needed by anyone entrusted with protecting customer data. To serve our rapidly expanding customer base, we have tripled our headcount in the past 12 months and opened new offices in New York, Washington D.C. and Singapore, in addition to our San Francisco, London and Netherlands offices. We have recently hired two outstanding executives. Debbie Chang joined as VP of Business Development and Policy to establish partnerships with those who care about cyber risk management. Jeff McBride joins as our new VP of Customer Success to expand that operation and build new advanced service offerings that make the most of the ingenuity and skill of our enormous hacker community. HackerOne is a company driven by our mission and united by our values. Our global team will all meet in San Francisco this month for our annual all-company retreat.

The business model of hacker-powered security is finding its forms with thousands of successful live programs. We have a determination to award hackers more bounties than anywhere else -- and we have transmitted over $36 million to hackers so far. With over 80,000 customer vulnerabilities resolved to date, we aim to produce the best value for the programs we run by helping our customers find and resolve the issues they care about most. Our unique software platform that automates and simplifies repetitive tasks, and our business model which aligns the interests of hackers and customers puts us in the best position to continue to scale quickly. As a result, we still have more cash at hand than we raised in our C round 1.5 years ago. And with our rapid growth in business, we can invest still more in innovation and development, bringing smart improvements and additions to our service portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Lately, we have had reason to celebrate major customer wins. Existing customers such as Oath are doing fabulously (more on our recent live hacking event in Buenos Aires soon), and new customers are launching their programs. PayPal, Goldman Sachs, Toyota, The General Services Administration, and many others have launched public programs on HackerOne this year, while companies like Intel, GitHub, General Motors, Twitter and others have reached major milestones and continue to evolve their programs on HackerOne.

All of this is happening because the world sees the value of hacker-powered security. It makes all the sense to say Yes to help from hackers. Those who take a proactive approach to cybersecurity see increased customer loyalty as a result. Cybersecurity goes from an anxiety-ridden practice to a business-enabling one.