Announcing the Results of Hack U.S.

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On July 4th, 2022, Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO), Directorate for Digital Services (DDS), DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3), and HackerOne publicly launched the “Hack U.S.” bug bounty challenge, allowing ethical hackers from around the globe to earn monetary rewards for reporting of critical and high vulnerabilities from within the DoD Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) published scope. Through the piloting of Hack U.S., DoD gained critical insights into how the hacker community competes for prizes with an end goal of strengthening the security of the hundreds of thousands of assets in the DoD scope.

HackerOne met with Katie Savage, Deputy Chief Digital & Artificial Intelligence Officer at DDS, and Melissa Vice, Director, DoD VDP at DC3 from the organizing teams of Hack U.S. to discuss the impact of the challenge, why they consider hackers a must-have for an effective defense-in-depth strategy, and how the findings from Hack U.S. will help secure public-facing U.S. government information systems long-term.

Hack U.S. Infographic

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