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New Ways to Use HackerOne

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We are on a mission to empower the world’s hackers and security teams to fix software vulnerabilities together. Since HackerOne was founded in 2012, our 500+ customers have resolved over 24,000 vulnerabilities, and rewarded thousands of hackers over $8,000,000 in bug bounties. For this we thank our hackers, the security teams, and the engineers who have fixed these issues! The internet is more secure thanks to you.

We have been fortunate to welcome leading organizations, including The U.S. Department of Defense, Dropbox, Yahoo, Twitter, Uber, Slack, GitHub, New Relic, CERT/CC, and many more, to the HackerOne family. These power users have guided us to develop a slew of advanced features, including Signal, Reputation, Mediation, Messaging, API and more.

With new customers come new demands. Organizations of all sizes and industries want more capabilities and services to help them run a competitive program at scale. HackerOne’s new product editions - Security@, Professional and Enterprise - are designed to bring further flexibility, ease of use and sophistication to all. We also added triage and bounty management services, with HackerOne Managed, and timeboxed bug bounty pilots. Now you can run the most sophisticated programs without compromising on convenience.

Don’t Compromise for Convenience

HackerOne Managed
HackerOne Managed includes full triage and bug bounty program management and is the most convenient option for resource constrained organizations. You benefit from the most advanced platform in the industry and support from triage experts that will help make your program a success.

HackerOne Pilots
HackerOne pilots, like the U.S. Department of Defense’s Hack The Pentagon program, are now available for all customers. Our easy to consume pilots will help you demonstrate the value of HackerOne services quickly. Whether you already have a mature process or are looking for an easy program to deploy, HackerOne has the most convenient solution for you.

Three Ways To Use the HackerOne Platform

HackerOne Professional
HackerOne Professional was designed for Security Teams who intend to run competitive programs based on best practices. You'll benefit from lessons gleaned from launching over 500 programs to date, and counting. Incorporate vulnerability trend and root cause analysis directly into your Software Development Lifecycle with our API.

HackerOne Enterprise
Our Enterprise offering stands ready to meet the needs of the most sophisticated programs on HackerOne at scale. You'll be guided by a Dedicated Success Manager to ensure your program succeeds at every level. Enterprise customers benefit from an adaptable platform: custom reports & analytics, custom integrations with your issue tracker or SIEM, and a personalized security page. Gain fine-tuned control over the hackers you invite by focusing on reputation, background, or specific skills - Native, Mobile, Internet of Things, and more.

Security@ is the best way to explore what vulnerability coordination and bug bounties feel like in a safe environment. Invite a select group hackers to help you take the first step towards an effective program with this free version of HackerOne. Power users, open source projects, and tech startups are likely to continue under this well known DIY model.

Wherever you are on your journey to a full bug bounty program, however large or small your organization is, and however much convenience you are looking for, we got you covered. We are making sure that you get access to the world’s strongest external security team in the most convenient and effective way.

To hear more about our new products and features you can reach us at sales@hackerone.com or visit our features page.

Mårten Mickos
CEO, HackerOne


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