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A HackerOne Thanksgiving

  • October 21st , 2016

As a hacker, you know the best security bugs you reported to each program: the epic find in a popular cryptographic software library, the can't-miss vulnerability that earned you a few thousand dollars, or that not-so-severe but intellectually stimulating bug you had fun finding on a weekend.

Today we're excited to introduce a new, data-powered Thanks page! It's a more detailed display of how you've helped many companies and the internet at large become a safer place.

New Thanks on Hacker ProfileCan you guess whose Thanks page this is?

This program-by-public-program breakdown shows

  • Valid / Total reports, where valid reports include resolved and duplicates of resolved
  • Bounties
  • Reputation
  • Rank within the program

Now, go find more security holes, stalk take a look at your fellow hackers, compare your stats against others in the same program, and eliminate every single bug in the universe with the legendary Thunderfury!

OK, that last one is just a dream of ours. All joking aside, we want to continue improving your hacker profile, making it a showroom you are proud of. What do you want to see on your profile? Drop us a note at, or on Twitter - @hacker0x01.

Brought to you by Pei & Lars.

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