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Our Leadership

At HackerOne, we’re making the internet a safer place. That journey starts with our employees. Meet the leadership team that’s working to build a collaborative, inclusive space where all of us can innovate and share ideas. Hack for good – one team at a time.

Mårten Mickos - CEO

Mårten Mickos
Chief Executive Officer

Jobert Abma - Co-Founder & Engineering

Jobert Abma
Co-Founder & Engineering

Michiel Prins - Co-Founder & Product

Michiel Prins
Co-Founder & Product

Alex Rice - Co-Founder & CTO

Alex Rice
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Liz Brittain - CFO

Liz Brittain
Chief Financial Officer

Tim Matthews - Chief Marketing Officer

Tim Matthews
Chief Marketing Officer

Marjorie Janiewicz - SVP, Sales

Marjorie Janiewicz
Chief Revenue Officer

Dean Breda - General Counsel

Dean Breda
General Counsel

Amanda Berger - SVP, Customer Success

Amanda Berger
Senior Vice President, Customer Success

Ashish Warty - SVP, Engineering

Ashish Warty
Senior Vice President, Engineering