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"I am the greatest!" New HackerOne Quarterly Leaderboards

  • June 21st , 2016

Who was the greatest? Muhammad Ali of course. For hackers on HackerOne, the answer is on our new Leaderboard!

HackerOne is proud to present the new design of our Hacker Thanks page, now called the HackerOne Leaderboard. This Leaderboard ranks reputation, signal and impact data in a simple tabular format. With the ability to filter by quarter, year and all-time, you can chart the rise and fall of prominent hackers and see who the top hacker was at any time.

The all new HackerOne LeaderboardThe all new HackerOne Leaderboard

We see up and coming skilled hackers climbing the ranks on HackerOne all the time. Our new Leaderboard page is designed to encourage new hackers while celebrating the most advanced. As a new hacker, we get it, trying to climb the ranks against hackers who have 10,000+ Reputation feels more like trying to do a level 100 boss fight as a noob without any gear. Not impossible, but probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Now the Leaderboard will reset every three months so all hackers will compete at the same starting point each quarter. Even if you’re new to the platform, in 3 months, you could see yourself on the Leaderboard! You’ll also be able to better compare your performance with how other top hackers are doing.

Flip through the last few quarters, and see who has taken the title in the past. What are you waiting for? Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

Sonya Juang, Lead
Lars Bekkema, Design
Andrew Wong, Development

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