Discover hidden risks with an exclusive attack surface review

Is your organization fully aware of its digital footprint? Experience the power of proactive Attack Surface Management by HackerOne with a complimentary attack surface review.

Get a focused risk snapshot to prioritize crucial actions

Over half of enterprises (52%) are unaware of the extent to which their security practices cover their attack surface.

Our complimentary attack surface review is designed to maximize value for security teams seeking to address these key objectives:

  • Identify rogue assets within your brand name and domain, preventing breaches from exposed vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritize high-risk assets for immediate action based on attacker perspectives.
  • Implement a combination of defensive security strategies and automated scanning for a robust security posture.
Having in-depth visibility of our attack surface is a core part of our security strategy.With HackerOne Assets and the insights it brings from the hacking community, our security team has been able to effectively prioritize those areas of our attack surface that need the most attention, helping us address security gaps faster.


What is being reviewed?
  • Your organization (e.g., Acme)
  • Primary URLs associated with the brand’s domains and subdomains (e.g.
  • We use a combination of open and closed sources to execute our algorithms on. Technologies and sources include but are not limited to the following:
    • Certificate stores
    • DNS records
    • Whois information
    • Shodan
    • MX-records
    • Google
  • The results of your scan can demystify the following and more.
  • Misconfigurations and outdated software that has publicly known CVEs
  • Any asset that is associated with a high-risk rating 
  • The risks associated with that asset and the context for each identified CVE, including a vulnerability description, metadata like Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) classification, and the CVSS score
  • Your organization’s overall site status
Why does HackerOne recommend an attack surface discovery/review?

The organizations that go through digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions, and cloud migrations struggle to get a good sense of their digital attack surface. 

The free attack surface review aims to supplement and create the most value for security teams that are looking to fulfill the following use cases:

  • Maximize visibility and control over your digital landscape
  • Prioritize and remediate high-risk assets
  • Reduce security incident risks by scaling testing coverage based on attacker perspectives.
What can I expect to walk away with after my free attack surface review?

In just 60 minutes, you can:

  • Gain visibility into all your brand domains and subdomains.
  • Discover unknown assets and risks that bad actors could exploit.
  • Start to regain control of your attack surface with expert insights.
  • Learn how you can increase the effectiveness of your active security testing programs with the gained knowledge. 

Secure Your Free Attack Surface Review

Reach out to schedule your review and discover how HackerOne can amplify the scope and effectiveness of your active security testing programs.