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Human Testing

The Executive Guide to Human Security Testing

Vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty programs for risk reduction

Strategies for scaling security capabilities, offsetting OpEx, and managing risk

67% of developers admit to shipping code with known vulnerabilities. Scanners, code reviews, automated QA, and point-in-time testing help, but leave gaps that put your organization at risk. With developers outnumbering security professionals 100:1 in most enterprises, how can you ensure digital assets are shipped securely without breaking your budget or impeding time to market?

A fully managed bug bounty or vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) eliminates visibility gaps and skills shortages, while making findings actionable for your security and dev teams. This Executive Guide to Human Security Testing walks you through the details, including:

  • Why relying solely on a “shift left” security approach still leaves security gaps
  • The difference between bug bounty and VDP—including typical use cases and business benefits
  • How implementing a fully managed bounty or disclosure program can cut your median time to remediation by 8x

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