HacktivityCon 2021
HacktivityCon 2021

A conference built for the community by the community

September 18, 2021

Start Times (times in PDT)
9:00AM PST
Luke Tucker
Opening Remarks
9:15AM PST
Keynote: Launching an InfoSec Career
10:00AM PST
Q&A with Vickie Li
10:10AM PST
All Your (Data)base Are Belong To Us: Getting Started in Vulnerability Research with Code Execution Bugs in Office Applications
10:35AM PST
Mini break and HTB special announcement!
10:45AM PST
Panel hosted by Busra Demir
Breaking Down Offsec Certifications
11:35AM PST
InfoSec: A broken industry that keeps it insecure and risky
12:00PM PST
Lunch Break
12:30PM PST
Developing CTFs: Writing and Hosting Intentionally Insecure Software
12:55PM PST
Introducing Networking and Security through TikTok
1:20PM PST
1:30PM PST
Introducing TruffleHog the Chrome Extension
1:55PM PST
CTF Winners with CTF4HIRE
2:00PM PST
Haptyc: A Library for Building Microfuzzers in Turbo Intruder
2:25PM PST
Mini break and Product overview with Rand Wacker, HackerOne CPO
2:40PM PST
Hacking on Bug Bounties for Five Years
3:30PM PST
Closing Remarks