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What is Hacker101?

Hacker101 is a collection of videos, resources, and hands-on activities that will teach you everything you need to operate as a bug bounty hunter. The material is available to learn for free from HackerOne. Led by HackerOne’s Cody Brocious, the Hacker101 material is ideal for beginners through to intermediate hackers and located at https://hacker101.com/. Feel free to share and join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #hacker101.

Capture The Flag

The Hacker101 CTF is composed of a series of levels, where you can learn to hack in a simulated real-world environment. In each level you're searching for a number of flags -- unique bits of data -- which you get by discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities. As you progress, you'll receive invitations to private programs on HackerOne, jump-starting your bounty hunting career.

Meet your Instructor

Cody Brocious is a security researcher and educator with over 15 years of experience. While best known for his work finding several vulnerabilities in locks used by the majority of U.S. hotels, Cody has worked on security for countless companies and products and has directed that expertise into Hacker101 where you really can learn how to hack for free.

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