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Introducing Indian Rupee payments: Cheaper and faster bank transfers

Introducing Indian Rupee payments: Cheaper and faster bank transfers

To all our hackers in India, we have some great news to share. After months of testing, we’re proud to announce that HackerOne now supports payments in Indian Rupees!

The addition of Indian Rupees means we can now eliminate the roughly 5% conversion fee per bounty by using the “mid-market rate” to convert your bounties directly to Indian Rupees before sending them to your bank account. Hackers in India earn 13 percent of all bounties in the world, according to the 2018 Hacker Powered Security Report. We are proud more of those earnings will now go directly to deserving hackers.

Previously, all bank transfers to India were sent in USD using the International SWIFT network. Since we’ve introduced our bank transfer payment option in July 2017, we have been working to provide payments in Indian Rupees as well. Since we’re now converting your bounty directly to Indian Rupees, we can now use the local payment routes to transfer your money. No more $7 SWIFT fee and no hidden costs as your bank will see it as a local payment!

One of the participants in the beta phase, Ayid, shared the following feedback regarding the new Indian Rupee support:

"Today I received a bounty amount in my bank account ( in Rupees ) without any middleman. This is some kickass feature of HackerOne which almost saves 5% per transaction."

Indian Rupee transfers are available immediately. To benefit from the new payment option go to your payment preferences and add a new payout option and select “Indian Rupee” from the list of currencies. Once you’ve completed the setup, make sure the new option is selected as the default payout method.


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To learn more, about our payment options, have a look at our docs site. We’re always looking for improvements to our platform. Keep an eye on our blog, and please let us know if you have feedback or suggestions.

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