XOXO: We Love Coinbase for Loving Bug Bounties

Nov 2 2017

Besides being the world’s most popular way to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin, Coinbase is a trailblazer in hacker-powered security. They started their bug bounty program way back in 2012, moved onto the HackerOne Platform in early 2014, and paid out more than $175,000 in bounties in the past 5 years.

Further cementing their bug bounty trailblazer status, Coinbase also just “rebalanced” their standard bounty payouts to stay top-of-market. For white-hat hackers, the loveliest benefit of this is a revised top-end bounty of $50,000 for remote code execution bugs. Yeah, that’s a lot of ethereum (but only a handful of bitcoin, if you’ve been tracking).

To show their affection for hackers and bounty programs, Coinbase just penned a blog post titled, “Coinbase Loves Bug Bounties”. We couldn’t have come up with a better title, or a better blog post.

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