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Hacker Blogs We Love Reading

  • March 29th , 2016

UPDATED: Please note that we updated this post on 5/5 with even more blogs our hackers suggested. Thank you!

Hackers in our community often share overviews of their security research in their blogs, and we love checking them out. Knowledge sharing is something we value at HackerOne, which is why we encourage all hackers and companies to publicly disclose resolved vulnerability reports. Check out our Hacktivity page that now surfaces all these reports on HackerOne.

In the spirit of sharing more hacker knowledge, we've compiled a list of hacker blogs that we regularly read. These are full of interesting and relevant security research.

A quick note: HackerOne doesn't have any influence over the content of these blogs. We can't take responsibility for what you find there.

The blogs below are not updated as regularly but still have interesting content:

Is your blog or one of your favorites missing from our list? Please feel free to email us directly at and we'll add it! Hack on!

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