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Rockstar Games Launches Public HackerOne Bug Bounty Program

  • March 2nd , 2017

Rockstar Games, Makers of Grand Theft Auto, Launches Public HackerOne Bug Bounty Program

As the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption and many more, Rockstar Games knows that the security of its systems and data is a top priority.

They also know that even the best companies must constantly challenge themselves to keep their technology secure. Having run a successful private bug bounty program for over nine months, Rockstar has already tapped the hacker community for help in targeting the most the readily identifiable types of vulnerabilities found across their network, and with their help, the program has been a huge success, identifying and closing over 150 vulnerabilities for more than $85,000 in bounties paid.

Rockstar is now ready to take the next step – the bug bounty program is open to the public in order to seek help from the broader hacker community to identify the most challenging bugs and exploits yet.

Visit Rockstar’s HackerOne page for more information.

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