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Is Virtual Reality Ripe for Cyber Attacks?

  • January 5th , 2017

2017 may be the year Virtual Reality and Augmented reality truly go mainstream. But is it airtight from a security perspective?

Well, the immediate answer is “no” - but that’s the case for any technology.

“We can say with certainty that there will be vulnerabilities that people haven't thought of yet,” said Alex Rice, HackerOne CTO, chatting with International Business Times journalist Fionna Agomuoh last December.

We mention the article because, now that it’s 2017 and we have unwrapped our shiny new Oculus Rift we got for Christmas (you have to try Edge of Nowhere from the @insomniacgames team!), it got us thinking about the creative cyber attacks that may soon be deployed in the VR / AR space.

Our view, is that security must always be “on”. Alex continued, “It's important to continually approach it with that mindset of ‘there's something here that we've overlooked, let's be vigilant, let's be ready for it.’”

At HackerOne, we’re fortunate to be working with Qualcomm and others that are helping secure one of the most exciting, innovative technological frontiers of our generation.

Check out the full International Business Times article: Malware, Hacking Is A Serious Game, But Security Experts Warn Against Panic which also includes comments from HackerOne customer, Qualcomm.

PS - At CES right now? Swing by the talk Alex is giving on the “Escalating War on Cybersecurity" (details here).

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