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Hacking the World on Halloween (and every day)

 |  luke

Every Halloween we confront the ultimate question: trick or treat?

halloween hack the world


For Hack The World 2017, we chose treat and wanted to remind all of you about some of the amazing special prizes being offered by some of our top customers for this year’s competition.

Below are some of the goodies being offered by our sponsored public programs for Hack The World 2017:

Company Prizes


  • $20K bonus for the most impactful bug of the competition (UBER’s highest paid bounty to date!)

  • Double the minimum bounty ($1K, instead of $500) for valid reports from first 20 new researchers who have never submitted to UBER

  • $5K bonus for top 2 hackers of Hack the World (even if they didn't submit to UBER's program)


  • Unlimited private repositories for life to any valid report submitted during the competition


  • 2x bounty for top report during the competition
  • $1000 bonus to honorable mentions


  • Top 3 most impactful bugs submitted earn an additional $10,000, $7,500 and $5,000 for first, second and third place.

Other Prizes

  • Other company specific prizes will be announced throughout the competition


Don’t forget, Hack The World 2017 ends on Saturday, November 18th at 11:59pm Pacific Time! Get those reports in while you can and earn double points by hacking on sponsored programs.

For more detailed information, prize information, rules, and an FAQ about Hack The World 2017, visit our splash page at https://www.hackerone.com/hacktheworld/2017.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email us at hacktheworld@hackerone.com.

Happy Halloween!