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Hack The World 2016: The Final Countdown

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Alt textThe HackerOne founders in their previous company.

We've seen phenomenal participation in the Hack The World 2016 contest since we launched it in July.

We want to particularly highlight the great work from those who were new to HackerOne, especially those new to bug bounty programs! To see the work they have done in this short period of time is awesome. Here are the Top 10 hackers in the New bracket:

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Then, of course, there has been feverish competition in our Experienced bracket. It is phenomenal to see not just the quantity of work performed here, but also the quality. Here are the Top 10 hackers in the Experienced bracket at the time of writing:

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Of course, these are not the only people on the leaderboard, and you can go and see everyone else by clicking here.

The Final Countdown

Reports must be submitted by September 19th 2016 to be counted towards Hack The World. If you are on the leaderboard, this is a great opportunity to hack like crazy to eek out the lead and win some of the awesome prizes including money, limited edition swag, drones, and more.

Looking at the leaderboard, the competition is all the play for! Just think of the bragging rights if you get crowned as king or queen of your bracket? Let’s make the magic happen.

When September 19th has passed, security teams will then be provided with a month to review reports. On October 20th 2016 we will formally announce the winners!

So, stick some Europe on your Spotify, strap on your HackerOne spandex jump-suit (sold out), and get your reports in!

Jono Bacon



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