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Hack The World: An Update

  • August 2nd , 2016

We recently launched the Hack The World competition to challenge you all to find as many vulnerabilities as possible over the next few months. We have some awesome prizes (cash and gadgets) and limited edition custom swag to reward those of you with the highest reputation and positive signal that is generated as part of the reports in this period. You will also walk away with awesome bragging rights of ruling Hack The World 2016.

Let’s get a quick update on the competition and see how things are progressing.

The Thrill of the Hack

One of the things all of us at HackerOne have been loving is seeing the competitive spirit of hackers in the competition. It is great to see the activity on Twitter and elsewhere.

Here are just a few examples:

Alt text

Alt text

Keep on hacking, keep on hacking, and keep on climbing up the leaderboard! Speaking of which...

The Leaderboard

Let’s take a look at the top of the Hack The World Leaderboard at the time of writing:

Alt text

Now, of course, the leaderboard may have changed when you read this, so be sure to see the latest results here.

Congratulations to DanyloD, Frans Rosén, Geekboy, 911, and David Sopas for dominating the Experienced Hackers bracket. Also, very special kudos to our new hackers, Minh Râu, Shane, Abhishek Baru, Xpath Master, and Pranjal, who are leading the New Hackers bracket.

Remember though, it is all to play for! Be sure to see how to get involved and start rocking the leaderboard!

Unveiling the Limited Edition Swag Art

A core part of Hack The World is creating some genuinely limited edition swag that the highest achievers of each bracket will receive. Like anything at HackerOne, we wanted to ensure this looks cool, but for Hack The World we wanted it to look an extra special kind of badass.

So, we are proud to unveil the official art for this year’s competition:

Alt text
Pretty cool, huh?

If you are one of the top seven ranked people in each bracket, you will win this artwork emblazoned on a t-shirt, stickers, and other swag. This is genuine limited edition swag - no other hackers will get this, only these 14 lucky people.

...and don’t forget you can also win other incredible prizes including cash, gadgets, and more. See the competition page for all the details.

So, we are off to a great start, but it is all to play for. Go forth, go hack, and go win!

Jono Bacon

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