H1-702 CTF Winners Announced!

Jul 9 2018

Thanks to all the hackers who participated in the h1-702 2018 CTF! For the first time ever, we had both web and mobile challenges.

Six winners will be sent to Las Vegas, Nevada for our flagship live hacking event, H1-702 2018.

The winners were selected from a pool of 750 registered participants, and the over 60 complete submissions we received.

The judging criteria:

  • Creativity

  • Completeness

  • Coherent story

  • Tools used

And the winners of the h1-702 2018 CTF are:



Big congratulations to our winners. We’ll see you in Las Vegas! And for our readers, make sure you read all their winning write ups (hyperlinked by their username handle above).

For event activities and live day-of updates, follow the #H1702 hashtag on twitter. And be on the lookout for our next CTF, coming soon!

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