Vulnerability Disclosure Policy: What is it. Why you need one. How to get started.

A vulnerability disclosure policy (VDP) is the first and most important component of any organization’s security program. No matter your industry, size, or capabilities, providing a simple channel for ethical hackers to inform you of potential vulnerabilities is an easy way to reduce risk, improve security, and protect your data.

But what exactly is a VDP? What pieces are required to build one that works for your organization? What’s the best way to get started?

This three-part series answers all of those questions and more. It will educate you on VDP best practices, point you to industry and agency resources to speed and simplify your rollout, and help you plot an easy path to deploying and managing your own VDP.

In this series you’ll learn:

  • The critical elements of a VDP.
  • Why VDPs are recommended by the U.S Department of Justice, the European Commission, attorneys, industry groups, and many others.
  • How to craft a reporting, disclosure, and remediation process that works for your organization.
  • Why a pre-built VDP platform can simplify rollout, ease ongoing management, and accelerate vulnerability resolution times.
  • How to build internal support, prepare for, and manage your own VDP program.