Visual Guide to Bug Bounty Success

The visual complement to the Bug Bounty Field Manual: The definitive guide on how to plan, launch, and operate a successful bug bounty program for beginners.

We have created the most comprehensive, educational, practical, and valuable resource ever about the ins and outs of running a successful bug bounty program and now we've turned it into a simple one-page graphic.

12 steps broken down with chapter references and additional resources one-click away.

We also include an exclusive toolkit of FREE templates to equip you on your way to the bug bounty promised land.

The Manual, written by our Chief Bounty Officer, Adam Bacchus, formerly with Google and Snapchat, dives into everything you need to know about creating and runing a world-class bounty program.

Download and get your bounty journey started!

Bug Bounty Program Visual Guide Highlights

  • Establish Your Vulnerability Management Process
  • Allocating Resources
  • Setting Budgets
  • Service Level Agreements - SLA’s
  • Scope
  • Launch
  • Measuring Success
  • And more..


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