Improve RIO with Hacker-Powered Pen Tests

Every security-aware organization uses penetration tests to simulate attacks, close security gaps, and fulfill compliance requirements. For a typical pen test, a small team of security experts uses specialized tools over a few weeks to test a technology’s defenses, all at a set cost.

But with rapid software development cycles, constantly evolving technologies, and the creativity and inexhaustible efforts of cybercriminals, traditional pen tests are starting to fall short.

This new ebook explains why organizations are replacing expensive, periodic pen tests with continuous, results-driven hacker-powered security. It shows how white-hat hackers can accomplish the same goals, yet find more vulnerabilities, in more creative ways, and where cost is directly related to validated findings.

In this new ebook, you’ll discover:

  • Why traditional pen tests haven’t kept up with the needs of modern technology development cycles and the ceaseless efforts of nefarious actors.
  • How a large pool of hackers can continuously search for and discover vulnerabilities across a larger scope, using diverse skills and tactics, and yield better results.
  • How hacker-powered security lets organizations pay only for validated vulnerabilities, providing better results at a lower cost for a higher ROI.