Use Hackerone’s Enhanced Pentest as a Service to Streamline Security Testing

September 27, 2022 Sean Ryan

New capabilities improve pentesting to increase attack resistance

The enhanced features drive robust security testing practices with the ability to launch, test, identify, retest, and fix vulnerabilities faster and more efficiently than traditional pentests. HackerOne pentests usually launch in just ten days on average, compared to the industry standard of three to four weeks. Furthermore, we deliver real-time results and communications with the pentesters so findings are exposed weeks before the final report is delivered. Integrations with leading SDLC tools reduce friction and speed up remediation. Plus, we offer 60 days of retesting, at no added cost, to validate that the vulnerabilities were fixed. 

Plan, Track Progress, and Launch Quickly

H1 Pentest Dashboard
Figure 1 - The HackerOne Pentest dashboard

Beyond the security benefits, the new enhancements improve program management for organizations running multiple testing engagements throughout the year. New pricing and packaging options for the annual consumption of testing engagements ease the path for building customizable, flexible, and adjustable annual testing programs with a fair and transparent pricing structure.

Scope, Setup, and Launch on Your Own Timeline

H1 Pentests - Set up tasks
Figure 2 - Start your pentest quickly with a streamlined list of set up tasks.

Finally, the new platform features complement the high-quality, impactful findings from the pentesters within the HackerOne community of ethical hackers. Roughly 20% of the vulnerabilities found in our pentests are of “high” or “critical” severity. Compare this to traditional pentester findings that often have no high or critical findings at all.

How the new capabilities  streamline pentest programs and reduce risk

Our pentesting as a service capabilities provide better oversight and operational efficiencies to an annual pentesting program. Real-time results, bi-directional integrations with 26 SDLC tools, and the ability to communicate directly with pentesters at each stage of the engagement deliver timely insights. Combined with skilled pentesters who are carefully selected from our diverse, global community of ethical hackers and you get effective, remediation guidance so you can close the gaps in your attack surface with a sense of urgency. 

New enhancements continue to remove complexity from testing so customers can:

  • Test faster - Improved packaging simplifies the procurement process. Self-service scoping makes launching and running multiple tests per year easier. 
  • Maintain program efficiency - New automation and self-service capabilities ensure programs stay agile to keep pace with evolving digital security requirements.
  • Reduce risk in real-time - Critical results are delivered as soon as pentesters find them, so customers close security gaps in a shorter time.

HackerOne PTaaS Capabilities

H1 Pentest - PTaaS capabilities
Figure 3 - HackerOne's pentesting services are designed to minimize setup time and provide prioritized, actionable reports. 


Use HackerOne  Pentest to Close Security Gaps 

HackerOne Pentest is a timebound, methodology-driven approach to address the four factors that perpetuate the attack resistance gap:


How HackerOne Pentest Helps to Close the Attack Resistance Gap

H1 Pentest - Risk Factors Causing the Attack Resistance Gap
Figure 4 - HackerOne's platform addresses the risks that cause the attack resistance gap.

HackerOne Pentest is an integral capability of our Attack Resistance Management solution. By unlocking the value of our community of ethical hackers to do reconnaissance, and risk ranking,  assets, then security testing and triage those assets, and finally capture the knowledge to improve the security knowledgeIQ of your teams (Dev, Ops, IT, Sec) you can help make meaningful gains in closing the security gaps in your attack surface. 

To learn more about HackerOne Pentest check out this short product demo or reach out to us directly for more information.

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