How to Succeed with Your Bug Bounty Program

Security Teams have launched hundreds of bug bounty programs with HackerOne, and each has found a unique path to success based on their individual needs. Yet measurable patterns emerge when we dive into HackerOne's bug bounty data across these hundreds of programs. For companies new to bug bounty programs, we have collected these insights to help demonstrate the factors and bug bounty strategies that successful programs share. You can expect to find key benchmarks, and a better understanding of the levers that will drive improvement in each dimension of a successful program. While different organizational needs and capabilities will shape the specific path to a strong, sustainable bug bounty program, our data shows that each success is built on some common pillars.

This eBook is an exploration of those strategies, so that companies can find patterns of success and use those to help improve their own programs.

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Bug Bounty Program Strategy includes

  • Measuring Success
  • Vulnerabilities Fixed
  • Reward Competition
  • Response Efficiency
  • Bug Bounty Strategy Evaluation


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