Cyber Security & Hacking – An American Perspective

Read the infographic to see key findings of this cyber security and hacking survey report (including some shocking results about employees view of their employers cyber security efforts and their perspective on cyber security in the Trump administration).

Internet security is not only something that Americans have to be mindful of in their daily, personal lives, but also something that needs to be top-of-mind while at work.

Kaspersky Lab and HackerOne partnered to gain insight into U.S. consumers’ perception of the hacker mindset, work and personal cyber security and hacking threats through a comprehensive survey. To gain this knowledge, Kaspersky Lab commissioned the research firm Opinion Matters to survey over 5,000 Americans in the United States, aged 16+.

The results take a broad look at what Americans think about hacker motivations, who they think security responsibilities fall on, whether or not America is more or less at risk with the new president and whether consumers trust their employers’ efforts on cyber security and hacking and their stance on ransom payments.

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  • Likelihood of making a purchase from a site protected by hacker securit

  • Responsibility for protecting data from online purchases

  • Vulnerability for cyber security attacks under Donald Trump

And much more…


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