HackerOne Company Values Matter: Execute with Excellence

June 6, 2024 debbie@hackerone.com

Since its inception, the Execute with Excellence Award has had three remarkable recipients. Each one shares a unique perspective on what this award and HackerOne's values mean to them.

Meet Elizabeth Raffa: 2022 Execute with Excellence Value Award Winner

Elizabeth Raffa, the 2022 winner, sees excellence as a commitment to delivering impactful outcomes and elevating customer voices, aligning her work with the company's mission.

“To me, it’s an unwavering commitment to delivering impactful outcomes for customers by truly understanding their needs and consistently producing outputs and solutions that advance our customer marketing and advocacy efforts and meet business objectives,” said Elizabeth.

The core of Elizabeth’s work was elevating customers' voices and championing their experiences. She focused on creating authentic connections, building trust, and providing exceptional customer experiences that are in lockstep with HackerOne’s mission—the embodiment of executing with excellence.

Meet Ben Willis: 2023 Execute with Excellence Value Award Winner

Ben Willis, recognized in 2023, interprets executing with excellence as setting goals, committing to them, and embracing the journey's challenges to deliver valuable user solutions. 

“Executing with excellence involves being present, establishing goals, and maintaining commitment,” said Ben. “Each of us must carve our path to reach this pinnacle; the journey, with its various challenges and changes, is equally as significant as the end goal.”

Ben navigates considerable uncertainty as a distinguished engineer on the Engineering, Product, and Design team. The team tackles complex challenges at various levels that are often difficult to identify and may be extremely challenging or unfeasible. By executing tasks with high standards, the team prioritizes learning and exploration, continuously refining its approach to find effective solutions. 

“By developing products in this manner, we ensure that we provide solutions that meet our users' needs and are genuinely valued and appreciated by them.”

Meet Sophie Okell: 2024 Execute with Excellence Value Award Winner

Sophie Okell, Strategic Customer Success Manager, focuses on pushing boundaries for customer and business success, highlighting the importance of accountability and determination in her role.

“My role is about delivering the most value possible for our customers, and sometimes that means selling initiatives internally to gain prioritization for support and resources,” said Sophie. “This isn’t always easy and requires determination, so receiving this award shows me that the company cares as much as I do.”

Sophie’s colleagues, especially her team, keep her motivated and inspire her at work. They help her find new and creative solutions to problems and improve the HackerOne service offerings every day. It's how she continually forges ahead, not just as an individual but as a unified team dedicated to making a difference.

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