Q&A with Brian Neely, CIO & CISO of AMERICAN SYSTEMS

In this customer story, CIO & CISO for defense contractor AMERICAN SYSTEMS, Brian Neely, describes the recent shift towards security and compliance and how HackerOne helps.

Delivering IT and software systems to the US Department of Defense makes them heavily targeted by sophisticated, highly-resourced nation-state threat actors. Losing data would mean losing a competitive advantage on the battlefield. In short, lives could be at stake.

Read on to learn:

  • How HackerOne Challenge with Clear complements AMERICAN SYSTEMS’ internal testing
  • Why Mr. Neely says “It was surprisingly easy to setup objectives, develop a bounty structure, and execute the program on the HackerOne platform”
  • How AMERICAN SYSTEMS holds onto key security talent in the hyper-competitive Washington DC job market

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