7th Annual Hacker Powered Security Report

7th Annual Hacker-Powered Security Report

Insights from our customers & the world's top hackers—emerging threats, vulnerability rankings, & fighting cybercrime on a budget

For our 7th annual report we're digging deeper than ever before: In addition to insights from thousands of ethical hackers, we reveal the concerns, strategies, and ambitions of our customers. We also take a more comprehensive look at 2023's top 10 vulnerabilities—and how various industries incentivize hackers to find the vulnerabilities that matter most to them.

The 2023 Hacker-Powered Security Report is available now.


One Big Takeaway

Generative AI (GenAI) has exploded in the past year. It has become a significant tool for 14% of hackers—and 61% indicate they plan to use and develop hacking tools using GenAI to find more vulnerabilities. Furthermore, 55% of hackers predict that GenAI tools themselves will become a major target in the coming years. This new trend is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape and poses new challenges and opportunities for organizations.


What's Inside

Download this report to learn:

  • The ways hackers are leveraging AI to combat cybercriminals—who are using AI themselves
  • Secrets to attracting top-tier hackers to boost your programs
  • How your industry's vulnerability stats and average bounty payouts compare to others
  • How you can save money with a code security audit and pentesting before launching a bug bounty

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96% of customers say they are better positioned to resist cyberattacks by accepting vulnerability reports from third parties

53% of hackers are using GenAI in some way

70% of HackerOne customers say hacker efforts have helped them avoid a significant security incident

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The greatest challenge for businesses right now is the requirement to drive down rising costs while continuing to enhance security against an evolving threat landscape.… From an ROI perspective, bug bounty is one of the most effective programs in our security strategy.